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DIY Roof Packs

Our GRP/ Fibreglass Roof Packs come with all the materials you need for your roof project. We have worked out the quantities for you, so each pack comes with the correct amount of Roofing Resin, Chopped Strand Matting (CSM) and Topcoat for the area. We also include the catalyst you need at a ratio of 2% (in the winter months we supply a faster catalyst but you may also purchase additional catalyst if required)

These packs come in a choice of two colours and two thicknesses - please contact us if you require a different colour or specification.

We know you can find cheaper roof packs elsewhere online, but please check the specification of what you are buying - How many layers of matt are you getting and what weight? What sort of resin are you getting? Is it a premium resin or a cheap reblend?